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A disappointing New York novel by Jay McInerney: Bright, Precious Days

Marc Bordier by Marc Bordier /

Jay McInerney ranks amongst my favorite contemporary American writers, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his previous New York novels, Brightness falls (1992) and The Good Life  (2006). Thus, when I heard that he had written a sequel with the same characters, I immediately rushed to buy a copy and relished the prospect of reading it. Alas! The third volume of McInerney’s trilogy is such a disappointment that I dropped it halfway through. Athough the novel, like its predecessors, is highly inspired by the mythic presence of New York, it lacks structure and plot, and in the end boils down to a series of anecdotes and names about people and places in the great city. To be fair, there are moments of brilliances here and there, but they are not  enough to offset the absence of a story, and as a reader, after a few attempts, I quickly lost interest.